A Happy Short Movie. 

Scientists say, when we die each one of us gets a 7 minute brain activity. The brain releases a massive amount of hallucinogenic chemical DMT. The life we spent, the things we did, the words we spoke might flash before us. Our very own short movie.Directed for many years. Edited for 7 minutes.

The book you never read. The movie you never watched.The place you never visited.The dreams you never followed.The risks you never took.The love you never expressed.The grudges you never sorted. The misunderstandings you never understood. The people you never valued. The mistakes you never forgave.

We constantly groan about Monday Mornings.Exam Stress.Body Flaws.Mental Depression.So on and on.But at the point you realize how short life is you instantly start to enjoy the moment. To value every single minute.To live your life.

Take the risks.Endure the obstacles.Strengthen your soul.Fight the demons.Follow your dreams.Love all endlessly.Hope you watch an amusing one.You never know.