Why we should really love ALL

At the very moment you are reading this, hundreds of infants are born, thousands of couples make love and millions of last breaths feed the living. What is this cycle of life and death? Are we at a beginning or an ending? People who come to your life, the places and faces that feel so familiar at the very first encounter, all the deja vus you had through out your life.Got any explanation? But wait, we live this one life, most probably 70 or 80 years in an average, maybe less maybe more, and why would we waste it and mess our brains thinking about it? Live,Love,Laugh ! Isn’t it so ? YOLO.

 But I like to believe in reincarnation. I see it as a “peace” factor.The vagabond in the street you glared at might have been your father in one birth, the ant you stamped on might have been your sibling in one birth, the victims that are killed by ISIS might have been their lovers in one birth etc. etc. Crazy isn’t it? We are one family. Connected internally with every single entity. Don’t you think the world will solve most of its problems if it sees the things this way? To believe it or not doesn’t it make you curious? Racism, Sexism, Ageism,Classism,Ableism… All the isms should not be there in the first place. Cause simply each one of you have been in each others life.Some day. Some time.Some where.