What is the Bullshit about ‘New Year New Me’ ? : Don’t Judge Yet


When you started seeing the fireworks flashing the sky, Television channels counting down the seconds for you and receiving the New Year greetings from social networks to phone calls, it was a new beginning. I mean it really was right? ‘This is going to be my year!’ All excited and enthusiastic.’So what are your new year resolutions?’ Ummm I don’t know, passing the exams, getting a promotion,having a relationship, winning a lottery.

What is so special about New Year anyway? (Not a rhetoric) You have passed  New Years equivalent to your age. So you had ‘new’ yourselves every single time? Determination, Goals and Vision are key aspects to live, but not for a mere year. Delusional Determination.(Oh, and the ‘Time is relative’ folks.)

The  problem is you just wait to start studying until 4.00 p.m. cause 3.55 seems, I don’t know, improper? Time used as an excuse.An excuse for unwillingness.Pusillanimity.Apathy.Train yourself to start it fresh, rectify the mistakes, be a better self when needed. At the very instance. This is not negativity. This is the”realistic” optimism. When you specifically wait for a year to change yourself, I mean seriously, that is where the bullshit happens.

‘New Me’ is always right, when you want a better change. Do not let the year decide it. Have fun at New Year celebrations but be yourself for the rest of your life. Happy New Year!


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