Lose it. And find it back.

Hold on and think.Think sincerely.Think with no deceit.Think atleast once in your lifetime.Can you explain yourself? Why are you here? What have you been doing for the entire time? Your qualities,strengths and your weaknesses. Your past,present and your future.Who are you? Honestly.

You will come up with answers.Yes,you will.7 billion different answers for 7 billion souls.I’m generous,hot-tempered,genius and self-centered.I am awesome. I am perfect.I love myself for who I am.

But one day you will see everything tasteless:love,life and laugh.It is not your thing anymore.It is not what you used to be anymore.It is not what people loved you for anymore.Did I lose myself?

No,you didn’t. You just simply took everything for granted in this evanescent life.You just simply caged your favourite “I”  and convinced yourself that the cage is imperishable.You were just simply struggling to preserve others’ favourite “I”.And yes,you will start missing old you.You will stick on to your old golden time.But you change.For the better or worse.Sometimes for no reason.You change.

They say “out of everything that you will miss in your life,missing yourself is the worst”.But no,it is okay to lose yourself.And find it back.And lose it again.To accept yourself.To give unconditional love to both your best “I” and worst “I”. Cause you have to lose yourself to find yourself.