But first, forgive yourself

You, yes you, gone through hills and trenches,fought the hardest battles, dissapointments,broken hopes BUT still, still your living. Breathing. Making plans for today and tomorrow.Dreaming your future.Achieving your goals. 

You are doing your best and still feel like it is the hardest? Watching motivational clips,reading articles to build personality,trying to make everyone happy and smiling through pain. 

You have gone through all these drama but still, when you have this little downfall,why is it so hard to “forgive” yourself? You keep thinking what went wrong ,where and why. You keep praying you should not have said that, seen that and done that.

Love yourself.Please do.But first, forgive yourself.And it is certainly not excuses, toleration or pardon.It is the ultimate feeling of letting all the venom faded away.The tranquility you get from forgiveness will light up your soul.And your palm-sized heart.And you will eventually start loving every single entity. And beyond. 


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